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An adventure laboratory dedicated to helping businesses up their game.

An adventure laboratory dedicated to helping businesses up their game.

Big consultancies offer their clients off-the-shelf, one-size-fits-all “solutions.” At TMB, our work always starts and ends with you - your wants, your needs and your goals.

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An adventure laboratory that
helps businesses up their game.

Reflections from our clients and the media about how TMB has helped them make a meaningful impact. Click the down arrow to explore the rest of our website.

A mind-bending trip. The Mission Business gave us a view not only into what we want from our new technologies, but why we want it.

Brian David Johnson Futurist, Intel Corporation

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TMB quickly understood the creative challenges of experiential online education, and developed a uniquely engaging and story-driven learning solution.

John Conrad Dean, St. Lawrence College School of Business

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Imagining the future and knowing what tools to use to describe it is tricky for most people. TMB's Time Machine presentation allowed our team to put a vision of the future Toronto Zoo on display, as something people could see and feel and relate to.

Ian Gray Associate, MMM Group Limited

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The Mission Business’s latest creation is like a cross between a video game and traditional theatre, giving individuals the chance to affect the fictional narrative being played out. It’s a new breed of interactive theatre that invites us to take a glimpse into the future of an ancient art form.

David Rockne Corrigan National Post

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Creative projects from the intersection of Work and Play.

Our work speaks for itself - from exclusive thought leadership events to AAA transmedia brand extensions, experiential overhauls of academic courseware to massive public story sharing spectacles. Read on to learn more about some of our exciting projects.


Autodesk University Autodesk Byologyc St Lawrence College Ubisoft

  • Shadowfall
  • 4Corp
  • Hero of BIM City
  • ZED.TO: ByoLogyc
  • Know Thy Enemy
  • Visitations


Probing a science-fiction vision of the future at NASA.

TMB created an immersive simulation of the future of asteroid mining and artificial intelligence to help launch the 2013 Autodesk IDEAS Conference in Silicon Valley. Held at NASA Ames Research Center, participants (including astronauts, military personnel, and venture capitalists) investigated the discovery of extraterrestrial life through an interactive science-fiction role-play experience.

Autodesk Byologyc

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Rewriting the story of online education.

TMB partnered with St. Lawrence College, the Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges, and Universities and Ontario Learn to design online courseware that responds to the evolving learning styles and student needs of the 21st century. Using 4Corp, a forward-facing fictional company to recruit and engage students, our business development courseware represents a dramatic shift in course creation and content engagement strategies.

St, Lawrence College

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Hero of BIM City

Building customers into brand champions.

TMB helped the AEC division of Autodesk Inc. develop a unique brand strategy for their annual trade show in Las Vegas. Positioning attendees as the “Heroes of BIM City,” we created a range of experiences that highlighted Autodesk's core brand values and provided individualized, digital takeaways that encouraged ownership, pride and brand loyalty during and long after the event ended.

Autodesk University

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ZED.TO: ByoLogyc

Exploring the true costs of a better tomorrow.

TMB’s multi-award-winning transmedia project invited member of the public to experience the end of the world firsthand. During the 8-month, cross-platform interactive narrative, audiences followed the rise and fall of a fictional biotech company - ByoLogyc - through 4 major interactive performances and daily digital content. ZED.TO appeared at Nuit Blanche, Digifest, and the 2013 TED conference.


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Know Thy Enemy

Transforming game designers into master gamers.

TMB helped AAA developer Ubisoft celebrate the release of the highly anticipated Assassin’s Creed: Unity with a bespoke, live-action assassination game. Played by Ubisoft’s internal teams at the historic Gladstone Hotel in Toronto, (and facilitated by a small army of improv performers), participants were pitted against each other all while being deeply immersed inside a live-action extension of the Assassin’s Creed storyworld.


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Escaping the room was only the beginning.

One of Toronto’s first room escape experiences, Visitations was created by TMB in partnership with the Drake Hotel. Combining a thrilling supernatural narrative within a series of interactive environments, the 90-minute event transformed 4 floors of the hotel into an immersive play space and encouraged audiences to actively search for clues that could unlock the mystery of an unknown and unnamed evil.

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Our Services

Big consultancies offer their clients off-the-shelf, one-size-fits-all “solutions.” At TMB, our work always starts and ends with you — your wants, your needs, and your goals.

We offer four core services designed to help you amplify engagement with the people that matter most to you. We can help you step up your game in your next team workshop, thought leadership event, transmedia marketing campaign, public conference and online education or training initiative.

Escape the Board Room

Why make a memo, when you could make a memory?

So much important work happens in meetings, but we often spend little or no time thinking about how their structure or style can challenge, delight, and help team members share new ideas and solve problems together.

At TMB, we leverage our knowledge of user design and human dynamics to create meeting spaces and structures that helps you tackle the job at hand. Combining theatre and gamification to inject moments of wonder and “wow”, we will inspire your team to remember what they learned and reinforce what they want to accomplish next.

TMB can help you elevate and enhance your next:

  • Team Training Event
  • Strategy Workshop
  • Brainstorming Session

Brands to Fans

Reaching 21st century markets requires 21st century methods.

At TMB, we know marketing is about three things: reach, relevance, and resonance. Through our extensive experience designing cross-platform experiences and transmedia narratives as well as our mobile-first approach to technology, we can help you connect and converse with the audiences you really want to convert.

Whether live or online, we’ll make sure you captivate your target market by weaving them into a compelling engagement that positions them at the centre of a story world, one that highlights who you are, what you offer, and why you matter to them.

TMB can help you design and deploy:

  • Engaging Live Promotions
  • Impactful Media Campaigns
  • Unique Launch Experiences

Start Up, Take Off

An inspired approach to going from idea to IPO.

Startups grow and innovate differently from established businesses, and therefore demand a unique approach to finding their fit in an ever-changing world. Our three-step workshop process helps new businesses clarify a bold vision for their future and map out an action plan for getting there. Disrupting traditional management consulting practice, TMB puts serious focus on what countless visionary leaders insist is important: core values and workplace culture.

Designed to offer a deep dive experience built for individual startups, this program is just as perfect for clusters of companies growing inside a larger incubator or startup factory. TMB facilitates a rigorous and transformative discussion about your company’s identity, story, and strategy for success.

TMB will help your startup build:

  • A compelling story that charts out a bold vision and amplifies team culture
  • Rapid prototypes of your products, services, and brand strategy
  • Physical and virtual knowledge spaces for the exchange of ideas and innovations

The Time Machine

Take a trip to the future of your organization.

TMB has helped some of the world’s most innovative companies explore their futures by bringing scenarios to life - in real life and in real time. We create immersive and interactive experiences - complete with actors, artifacts, and amazing multimedia spectacle - that give leadership teams a first-hand experience of the challenges and opportunities they might face in the next 5, 10 or 100 years.

By ripping the trends and scenarios off the written page and out of the PowerPoint, TMB’s revolutionary approach to making conversations about the future more active provides people with an opportunity for qualitative decision-making about how they might deal with the implications of business, social, and technological changes to come.

TMB’s Time Machine can take you to:

  • A practice moment of crisis for your business, where bold new ideas can be tested
  • A look at a future where your brand, customers, structure, and strategy have all changed
  • A playful TED-like backcast where the dots connecting your present and the future are revealed

Our team combines the best insights and strategies from the arts, the academy and the arcade in order to provide you with the impact you want.

Elenna Mosoff, COO

Producer, Adventure Bandit.


A theatrical director and event producer specializing in large scale activations that puncture routine and promote unexpected engagement. MFA in Professional Theatre Direction from Ohio University.


TMB believes that practice makes perfect. Through a blend of live performance and our unique approach to role play, we provide you and your team with the chance to feel like the most important part of the action.


TMB knows that human beings learn first, and best, from experience. That’s why we make sure any event, meeting or marketing campaign we help you design involves meaningful interactivity and theme-enriching engagement appropriate to your wants and needs.

Trevor Haldenby, CEO

Futurist, Time Traveler.


A futurist, producer, and designer with a track record of helping global organizations tell their stories and make plans for time travel. MDes in Strategic Foresight and Innovation from OCAD University.


TMB realizes that while planning for the next quarter is easy, imagining the challenges of the next decade is not. We work with you to analyze the signals, trends, and drivers impacting your business today so you can stay two steps ahead of a changing tomorrow.


TMB believes in user-centred design - an approach that frames people and social systems at the centre of any challenge. After all, organizations are made up of people as well as process, and imagining bold solutions to wicked problems requires a culture of participation as much as the necessary budgets and board approvals.

David Fono, Technologist

Designer, Game Master.


An interactive designer and developer with over 15 years of experience and dozens of projects under his belt, from iPhone games to eye-tracking prototypes. MSc in Human Computer Interaction from the University of Toronto.


From mobile and social media, wearable technology, and big data, TMB brings cutting-edge solutions into our work to help you gain new and necessary insights into how your customers work, think, learn and buy.


TMB applies game mechanics to a wide range of tasks, making them much more engaging for your major players. We create bespoke, game-based activities that encourage interaction and investment, helping you reach out to customers or understand your team’s wicked problems in a playful but meaningful way.

Byron Laviolette, Creative Director

Play Theorist, Wonder Junkie.


A narrative designer and experience architect specializing in work that pushes the traditional borders of both live and online story world building. Ph.D. in Interactivity and Play Theory from York University.


Play is often seen as counter to work and if we do play, it is rarely together. TMB therefore crafts playful situations that are tailored to your specific team or target market’s needs, allowing new ways of seeing, thinking and acting to emerge and be explored.


TMB uses the stories you share about your business, product, or consumers as the foundation to better understand the value your business creates for others. Understanding the power of storytelling also provides insights into how your clients and customers relate to you and how it shapes the narrative of your company’s progress and evolution.